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Atlanta Hair Doctor

Atlanta Hair Doctor Scrunchies are 100% Silk

  • 🎁SilkScrunchies with Premium Quality: Recommended for all hair types to prevent breakage and damaging your follicles.  
  • 🎁 SilkScrunchies Features with Elastic: Our Scrunchies will make wearing a ponytail more comfortable and less pulling on the hair. 
  • 🎁Washing Instructions for Scrunchies: 1.Hand wash or machine wash in cool water on low setting/ gentle cycle; 2. Satin can be hand washed with cold water and gentle soaps; It should be laid out flat or hung to dry, although satin should not be attached with clothespins, since they will leave marks; 3. Satin should also not be twisted or contorted while it is wet, because it may set permanent wrinkles in the fabric, instead, squeeze out excess water with a towel then air dry.